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QuickBooks is a popular accounting software program which enables small businesses to manage their finances and taxes. The company offers three main types of desktop payroll services, each with different features and benefits.

Paychecks and payroll taxes are calculated in all three QuickBooks Desktop payroll choices. Basic Payroll and Enhanced Payroll are self-service payroll choices. Basic Payroll for QuickBooks Desktop is intended for companies that just need to produce paychecks, compute payroll taxes, and issue direct payments.

This is a suitable alternative only if the company is willing and able to produce and send its own payroll tax forms, such as , , and W For organizations who wish to conduct payroll in-house, QuickBooks Desktop Enhanced Payroll delivers all of the functionality they need. Paychecks are generated, payroll taxes are calculated, and direct deposits are sent using Intuit Enhanced Payroll. Enhanced Payroll also produces and electronically submits federal and state tax forms such as the , , and W Enhanced Payroll allows you to pay your payroll tax deposits online.

Full-Service QuickBooks Desktop assists small companies who wish to outsource their payroll. Intuit promises that its payroll tax returns will be submitted correctly, on schedule, and without penalties.

Users of the QuickBooks Desktop accounting program have additional payroll choices. Its plans are all full-service, which means they include payroll calculations, paper check printing, and direct deposit. We compared the costs, features, simplicity of use, customer service, and what genuine users had to say about QuickBooks Desktop Payroll.

Finally, professional payroll services should assist you with payroll from start to finish, from computing payroll checks to submitting and making payroll tax payments. We suggest QuickBooks Desktop Enhanced Payroll based on the considerations analyzed since it enables you to manage payroll in-house for less than half the price of QuickBooks Desktop Assisted Payroll.

Calculating paychecks, printing checks, and submitting direct deposit payments are all simple with Enhanced Payroll. You may also use the program to prepare payroll tax forms and make tax payments online. You can make paychecks, calculate tax withholdings, pay workers by check or direct deposit, and generate payroll reports in all three versions of QuickBooks Desktop Payroll. Enhanced payroll takes a step farther than Basic payroll by including all payroll tax forms as well as the option to online submit tax forms and payments.

You simply need to provide employee hours with Assisted Full Service Payroll; Intuit will compute paychecks, file tax forms, and make tax payments on your behalf.

QuickBooks Desktop Basic Payroll is designed for small businesses that need software to compute payroll checks, print paychecks, and make direct deposit payments. Because it does not contain W-2 forms or payroll tax forms, you will need to file and pay payroll taxes manually via your CPA or tax expert. The QuickBooks Desktop Enhanced payroll plan adds the ability to prepare payroll tax forms, submit and make electronic payroll tax payments to the Basic plan.

This plan is great for small company owners who wish to maintain payroll in-house while keeping costs down. Full-Service QuickBooks Desktop Payroll is great for small company owners who want to have their payroll handled by a professional. You simply have to report the hours worked for workers each paid month with this plan, and Intuit will take care of the rest. The initial payroll setup, processing paychecks, printing paychecks, sending direct deposit payments, and filing and paying payroll taxes are all included in this service.

QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll is more user-friendly, with simple tools for producing payroll tax forms and making tax payments.

Because you cannot complete tax forms or make tax payments inside the program, QuickBooks Basic Payroll needs the most work of the three alternatives. In contrast to the manual procedure in Basic Payroll, Enhanced Payroll provides step-by-step tools for paying payroll taxes and creating quarterly and yearly payroll tax forms. QuickBooks Desktop Basic Payroll comes with self-explanatory on-screen features that walk users through customizing payroll settings, adding new workers, and paying employees.

Because all support options are accessible with each of the three QuickBooks Desktop Payroll subscriptions, they tie in terms of customer service.

They provide a number of options that you may utilize to get assistance. All three options, like QuickBooks Online, feature unlimited live customer assistance through phone or chat. In addition, all three options include email help and support to wrap out the year at no extra cost. Overall, client feedback on QuickBooks Desktop payroll solutions is mixed. The ease of use of QuickBooks Desktop payroll software has gotten a lot of positive feedback.

Customers have also claimed that after terminating their payroll service, they are still charged monthly costs. On the Mac version of QuickBooks Desktop, users have reported issues configuring payroll. Customers like how QuickBooks Desktop Enhanced Payroll streamlines the payroll process and saves time. One client, however, claims that QuickBooks Desktop Payroll is unable to correctly manage state payroll deductions for workers who work in several states.

Customers that use QuickBooks Desktop Assisted enjoy how this plan enables them to outsource payroll processing so they may concentrate on other aspects of their company. Intuit takes care of payroll and submits payroll taxes and documents on schedule without interrupting users, according to positive evaluations. According to negative customer reviews, this service is a little costly, but worth it.

Basic Payroll has just the bare minimum of features for computing paychecks and payroll taxes. Enhanced Payroll has a comprehensive set of payroll features for creating and submitting tax forms. QuickBooks Desktop Enhanced Payroll comes highly recommended. It comes with everything a company needs to make paychecks, submit payroll tax filings, and transmit payroll tax payments.

The full-service option is used for employers who are not required by law to use it. A: The main difference is that with self-service payroll, your employee handles the entire process themselves. With full service, a company has an in-house team of people who take care of everything related to payroll and taxes. Table of Contents. January 3, Ready Articles. About The Author Latest Posts.

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The changes to our lineup include: Subscription-based product lineup: For versions, we will now only be selling our Pro and Premier products as Pro Plus and Premier Plus subscriptions. Which one should I buy and how do I link the subscription I just renewed to the bwill.

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