British Cuisine – The Cook’s Secret Cuisine Or Unhealthy Stodge?

 British Cuisine – The Cook’s Secret Cuisine Or Unhealthy Stodge?


British cuisine has suffered from a very poor reputation. It’s been seen as cheap, tasteless stodge.

While it is true that British food tends to be simple and based on traditional, uncomplicated and inexpensive ingredients 303 British ammo  at its best it is hearty, comforting and delicious. Here’s the guide to the best of British cooking.

Compared to French haute cuisine, traditional British food might seem plain and basic. But if you’re sitting in a toasty British pub on a cold Winter’s morning tucking into a thick, juicy joint of beef with a big Yorkshire pudding and perfectly crisp roast potatoes, you won’t care what the food critics are saying.

British cuisine may contain strange names such as ‘bubble and squeak’, ‘spotted dick’ and ‘mushy peas’, and it may feel strange to be eating a dish called Yorkshire pudding with your main course, but British cooking has plenty of personality, taste and substance to create a memorable dining experience.

Here are some of the most famous British dishes.


A full English country breakfast includes bacon, sausages, eggs, baked beans, fried or grilled tomatoes, thick buttery toast and black pudding (a type of fried sausage made with dried pig or cattle blood). It is certainly not a healthy nor a vegetarian’s choice of meal and it is so filling in most other cultures that kind of dish would be set on the table for dinner. Additional side orders include sauteed potatoes, kippers, fried mushroom and fried bread. And it all has to be washed down with a thick, milky mug of steaming hot tea. Naturally, English Breakfast tea is a favorite brew but almost any kind of black tea, as long as it is served strong and milky will do.

It is so popular that many restaurants serve it all day long as the ‘all day English breakfast’.



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