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Convert quickbooks enterprise to desktop premier
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Mark has researched and reviewed accounting software at Fit Small Business since and has developed an extensive knowledge of accounting software features and how unique business needs determine the best accounting software.

This article is part of a узнать больше здесь series on Accounting Software. QuickBooks is very forgiving of users who make mistakes when issuing checks. If you have created a bill payment check or convert quickbooks enterprise to desktop premier check with the wrong details or issued the check to the wrong person, you can void it in QuickBooks Desktop.

You might also run into a situation where your employee lost their paycheck or held it for too long convert quickbooks enterprise to desktop premier checks. This tutorial will help you learn how to void bill payment checks and payroll checks already issued in QuickBooks Desktop.

The process of voiding a check is similar in all QuickBooks Desktop products. To help you determine which QuickBooks product is right for you, read our comparison of QuickBooks Desktop products. Intuit offers special discounts on its QuickBooks Desktop. Visit QuickBooks Desktop. You can also click on the Banking menu on top of the screen, and then select Use Register from the drop-down list:. Select the Bank Account that Issued the Check.

A window displaying all the checks that have been created will open. Select the /2751.txt you want to void by double-clicking anywhere on the line, as продолжить чтение below:. After selecting the check from the list, your check will appear, as shown below.

Click on the small dropdown arrow under Delete, and click Void:. Click Yes to proceed:. Voiding and deleting a check are two нажмите сюда things. Voiding a check means turning the balance to zero while deleting a check means removing the transaction completely from QuickBooks.

If you need to reissue and reprint the check, just follow the instructions on how to pay bills as discussed in our previous tutorial on printing checks on QuickBooks Desktop.

Voiding a payroll check is a bit more complicated than voiding general checks, especially if all payroll tax returns have been filed. Voiding payroll checks can have a significant effect on your books and payroll records. The best way to reissue a payroll check is to not нажмите для деталей but to reprint it with a new check number instead. You can then create a new check, assign it the old check number, and void it. From the check register, select the payroll check you convert quickbooks enterprise to desktop premier to void:.

Select the payroll check to void in QuickBooks DesktopDouble click on the line to display your paycheck. Take note of the existing check number of the check you want to void. In our screenshot below, the check number is Convert quickbooks enterprise to desktop premier change the check number, click on the Print menu on top of the payroll check window, and then choose Check from the dropdown list, as shown below:. Reprint the Check with a New Check Number.

QuickBooks Desktop convert quickbooks enterprise to desktop premier generate a new check number automatically. Verify this number matches the check in your register, or change the number if needed, and then print the new check:.

As shown below, the old check number is now check number To do this, click on the bottom-most line in the register, enter the old check number, and then set the details.

For instance, in the screenshot below, type the old check numberselect a Payee and leave a note in the Memo field saying it was voided. Recording the old check in the Check Register. Wrap Up There you go—you have just learned how to void a bill payment check and payroll check in QuickBooks Desktop. We hope you find this tutorial helpful. Find Timothy On LinkedIn. He then taught tax and accounting to convert quickbooks enterprise to desktop premier and graduate students as an assistant professor at both the University of Nebraska-Omaha and Mississippi State University.

He most recently spent two больше на странице as the accountant at a commercial roofing company utilizing QuickBooks Desktop to compile financials, job cost, and run payroll.

Find Mark On LinkedIn. Mark Calatrava is an accounting expert for Fit Small Business. He has covered more than 50 accounting software for small businesses and niche industries and has developed an in-depth knowledge of the important features of accounting software and how the importance of these features vary by business.

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We may make money when you click on links to our partners. Learn More. Published September 28, Table of Contents. Visit QuickBooks Desktop Watch the tutorial video below and the step-by-step instructions that follow.

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Check out this list of data types to get more detail on what to expect after you convert files to QBO. To start the import process, make sure the following requirements are met:.

You also need to check the eligibility of your. To do that:. We also suggest backing up all of the information that you plan to convert.

That provides you some options in case you want to go back and restart the conversion or something interrupts your process. Specify where you want to save your data, and follow other prompts before saving your data. Employees 2. Accounts 3. Items 4. Classes 5.

Customers 6. Vendors 7. Lists 8. The transactions that have links in between like you have applied the payment to the invoice. All the transactions that are non-financial and financial can be transferred.

Such as Payroll, purchase orders, Account payable, Account receivable. In your QuickBooks Desktop software, you have to click on the File menu option. You get more options from it. So if there is an option displaying switch to single-user mode then you have to click on it.

But if it is not displaying then you are already in the single-user mode. You can continue with the conversion process. Yes, you can download install, and use any version of QuickBooks Pro according to the availability or you want to use.

So you can do install it but then take its license and run it properly. What are the reasons that cause for not converting the data of QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro?

There are a few reasons that you must know so these are listed here:- The file size must not cross the limited file size that is minimum- MB and maximum- 2 GB If there is an active database of Enterprise that is not valid to let you convert into Pro You have to check that no file in the present database is damaged if found then it causes you issues in converting data The names of the QuickBooks Enterprise files are till 14, or if it is crossed then the problem happens.

What are the tips or things that you can do while converting QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro? You are going to downgrading your software that is converting QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro. This leads to loss all the features and benefits that you are having in the Enterprise software edition will be lost. Like After converting software, you can only link up to 3 accounts in QuickBooks Pro as it allows only this many users.

You have to buy a new license for converting your software to any other edition. When you bought the license then instal the software and then activate it to continue your working properly. When you are done with converting the data then you get a file into your QuickBooks Pro software so that you can continue with your work. You can easily access them in your newer QuickBooks edition. Why data migration is important to convert QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro?

Sad when the drive for profits means short-changing a segment of customers that would be well served by this approach. Has Intuit pulled this from the QBO trial version? Hi Chris, Simply go back into the Export Data, and follow all the prompts again as if you were starting from scratch. At some point it will indicated that an export already exists, and do you want to download it?

My companies are very small, and just like you said, enterprise was overkill. I have been running all three on Premier for 1 month and everything is working perfectly with no data lost. Thanks for posting. It is very detailed. And I really love the recommendations. What do you think about this Quickbooks Enterprise to Pro Conversion? I have moved over everything to QBO and was checking to make sure that all the data is there and it looks pretty good.

The only thing I noticed did NOT transfer over was my reconciliation history. Is there a way to get this data to transfer? Hi Dafna, You can just repeat your most recent reconciliation and select the entire history. If your reconciliations were good, and you had cleaned up all the extraneous transactions, it should all square up cleanly. For example, if your last reconciliation was October 31, use that date and ending balance again, then mark all previously reconciled transactions again.

The difference will be zero again. I have a client who wants to move from Enterprise to Online — but they handle a ton of transactions. Do you know of any clients who use online that are experiencing slowness issues? My concern is that if they move to online they will have too many transactions for online to handle. Hi AJ, Your are correct. Your client is not a good fit for QBO. They have too many transactions.

The recommendation is , targets maximum to be eligible. Enterprise is the best fit for sheer file size, although Premier may possibly work. Thanks for your quick replay Alicia. Have ever seen a situation where someone has switched to online only to find that their file size is too big? Have they experienced slowness? I am trying to prove to this client that moving to online is not a good fit but I am trouble finding real examples to give them.

That includes the Customer list and the Vendor list. Even summary reports will need to be calculated each time. I have a retail customer with over products. One of their sales reports takes several minutes to come up on screen. Step 2a is where things go sideways. I click OK to close the Product information window per step 2b, but the screen indicated in step 3 does not appear.

Did any of you actually get this to work? I try to export the file out of QBO and it just says a problem occurred. Yes, it works, but if they were using any of the Enterprise features at all, that information will be lost. However the QBO step to Desktop was a total failure. The bank account showed a 9 million negative balance. Here is the reason for the failure. This directly from Quickbooks web site. Look at that last line. Come on. Not transferring received payments and bill payments paid by check or CC?????

Hi Bill, you read that wrong. Online Quickbooks or any online Accounting software is a joke. I have yet to see any benefits however I see numerous problems. They start with signing up. What customers fail to realize once they grasp how nonsensical cloud computing is is that there is a big catch Look at it this way.

Before the Cloud the single biggest show stopper was electricity. The Cloud has now introduced a second show stopper for no real benefit. A network connection. BTW with Windows 10 you can easily connect to your own server directly anywhere in the world with no need for the Cloud at all.

Could do it before then but slightly more complicated. Hi John, while I agree that not having an internet connection is a show-stopper for using QBO, I respectfully disagree with your critique. When signing up for QBO, the website lists the three levels, comparing the features of each. I, or another QuickBooks ProAdvisor, would be more than happy to help you or your clients with this. But that is just the thing…. Then you turn around and try to download the same file from QBO back into QBDT and even if that goes perfect which it rarely does , you will again end up with even more Inventory related cost irregularities.

One factual aspect of this write-up is where it says…. Why risk your data, or waste hours and hours of time, attempting to accomplish what a professional file service can do for you with guaranteed satisfaction for a reasonable fee normally within 1-day turnaround time. Thanks so much for your comments! But your Inventory consideration is a great point, and I will edit the article accordingly to address your comments.

Our chief vendor decided to give our territory to their proprietary, company-owned store — long story short, I decided to get rid of what I could and semi-retire. I work out of the house now and just do some services related work.

I am the only employee. We used QB Enterprise for many years and loved it. I went through the process yesterday and today, and though there were a few conversion issues, I was able to get it done and now have a working company in Pro with all my history, balances, etc. We were forced to upgrade recently becuase the product was reaching the end of its life cycle.

We contacted Intuit and they said for our needs Premier would work and we purchased it. Then to our surprise, we get an error that the file is not compatible. I appreciate when people like this article help out people in dier need because Intuit flat out said, after hours on technical support, that theres NO WAY to convert the data.

QB Conversions can be problematic! Your email address will not be published. Submit Comment. Rodney Cohen on May 3, at pm. Alicia Katz Pollock on May 25, at pm. Nice blog on Quickbooks Enterprise Downgrade.

Thanks for sharing information. Joe Baker on February 22, at pm. Alicia Katz Pollock on February 24, at pm. Ron on June 28, at am. John on February 5, at am. Thank you. Alicia Katz Pollock on February 14, at pm. Pal Scha on January 27, at pm. Purchase one instance of the service for each company to be converted.

Yes — as long as your source Enterprise file is from a supported version and is not corrupted — then we can convert it! Standard Service: Standard conversions are completed and returned to you by the next business day Monday — Friday after your file is received.

Send your company file s any time of day, even in the evening. Rush Service: Optional. Get your files back same-day guaranteed. The rush option also applies to weekend work, so you can send your file any day — including Saturday or Sunday — and get it back the same day. Files that are sent before 12pm noon Pacific time will be returned the same day. Files received after 12pm may be returned the same day or may be converted with priority on the following day.

Your source company file can be from US Enterprise versions 6. For example, if your Enterprise version is Q: Is all the data converted? A: Yes, all of the data within your company file is converted. Q: Is Payroll data converted? A: Yes, payroll data is part of all data and is converted. Q: What can I expect after I purchase? When it is complete, we will notify you via email and send a link to download and use your converted file. Q: Do you keep my data confidential?

A: Yes, all data is kept confidential, is never shared with anyone. Your data is deleted from our systems within about two weeks of the conversion. Q: How many files can you convert? A: We can convert as many files as you need converted. For multiple company files, purchase multiple copies of the service.

Q: If my file is bigger does it take longer or cost more? A: No matter how big your files is, the fee and turnaround times are the same.


Convert quickbooks enterprise to desktop premier –

Jul 16,  · Select OK to back up your data and follow the onscreen prompts to back up your company file. Select Yes when you get the prompt to confirm you want to update your file. If an update problem occurs. In QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise: Select File, Utilities, and then select Restore Backup For Earlier QuickBooks Version. Email to a Friend. Report Inappropriate Content. Convert Quickbook Enterprise to Quickbooks desktop Pro hi alan, You have to purchase a 3rd party conversion service to downgrade your file. I noticed the cost are $ for a standard service or . Mar 11,  · Learn how to upgrade to a newer version of QuickBooks Desktop from within the program. If you need to upgrade QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise, we’ll show you how. If you want to buy QuickBooks, select the QuickBooks best for you. After you buy QuickBooks, you can start the upgrade tool. Upgrade your QuickBooks Desktop subscription.

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