Four Guarantees for Wood Flooring

Four Guarantees for Wood Flooring


When purchasing large items such as flooring, expectations are very important. Hardwood floors are no exception. A new hardwood floor will bring beauty and warmth into your home. Wood flooring is not for everyone. While this article is not meant to discourage you buying hardwood flooring, you should consider these four facts before you make a purchase.

1) Wood floors are guaranteed to scratch

Wood flooring can be finished with a variety of finishes to make it more resistant to scratches. Aluminum Oxide is the most common finish. A wood flooring warranty typically covers 5-50 years. However, wear warranties usually guarantee that the wood’s veneer will not be completely worn through. Gulvsliber flooring does not offer any anti-scratch guarantees. No matter what finish treatment is used, wood floors are susceptible to scratching. It is important to prepare your home before installing a wood floor. To protect your wood floors from scratches, it’s a good idea use floor mats, furniture protectors and area rugs. You might also consider tile for your entryways, as this is where most traffic occurs. Laminate floors are better suited for pets and children who have large feet.

2) Wood floors are guaranteed to indent

Wood floors are not soft, but can be damaged by drops or heavy use. Wood flooring cannot be dent-proofed, but different wood species have different levels of hardness. To determine the hardness of a wood species, the Janka Test is used. Wood species are assigned a score based on the force needed to insert a steel ball into wood. The higher the score, it is believed, the wood species is more resistant to wear and denting. The most commonly used species of wood for flooring is Northern Red Oak. It is the standard against which all other species are measured. It scored 1290. Some wood species have scores exceeding 3000. However, even though they are more durable than others, they will still dent if something heavy, such as a hammer, or a can of food, is dropped on them. There are other options if you are concerned about your floor’s ability to resist indentions. You have options like porcelain and high-pressure laminate that look wood-like. These products are more resistant to wear and pressure. A distressed or hand-scraped wood floor will hide dents and other wear better.

3) Wood floors are guaranteed to age

The most common reason a floor becomes aging is due to wear and tear. If I said, “Your carpet is old,” you would be inclined to believe that it was time for a new carpet. Wood flooring’s unique quality is its ability to look better as you age. Wood floors have a lot to offer in terms of beauty and natural character. Wood floors can be made more beautiful by proper maintenance and regular use. Refinishing a wood floor can restore its original shine and luster. This can’t happen with wood-look products such as vinyl, laminate and porcelain.

These are all great attributes. But what I want to focus on is the photosensitivity of wood flooring. Wood can change its color when exposed to sunlight. Some wood floors may take as long as a year to reach full color. Some floor coverings can fade or discolor if they are exposed to long periods of sunlight. While sunlight can make other floor coverings look old over time, it can beautify wood floors and allow them to achieve their true colors. This is an important characteristic for customers to be aware of, as a newly laid wood floor may not look exactly like the one you saw in the showroom. It has been allowed to develop its full color.


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