PayPal Account Verification is Not Possible with Virtual Credit Cards

PayPal Account Verification is Not Possible with Virtual Credit Cards

If your PayPal account has been frustrating you for years with sending and receiving limitations, inability to withdraw funds to your bank account and restrictions on buying items that require verified accounts, then you may have fallen for virtual credit cards, or VCCs. VCCs function in the same way as a debit card except that they have very little funding. This is enough to verify your PayPal account. Once you exhaust the funds, you cannot use them again. The VCC will be removed and you’ll have to buy another one. We think this is a scam.

VCCs will’verify your account’ but that does not necessarily mean that you’ll be able to access all features that a bank-issued debit or credit card offers. A VCC purchased for between $10 and $12 (the market price) will give you a temporary working VISA/MasterCard number or Virtual card paypal vcc . These are the only two things you need to verify your PayPal account. Once you have linked the card to your PayPal account, an Expanded Usage or Expuse number will be required. This will be sent to the VCC’s transaction log by PayPal within a few seconds. You will receive the code from the VCC seller and you’ll have a verified PayPal Account. This is where the real pain in your neck starts.

PayPal doesn’t endorse third-party VCCs. It only recommends that users verify their accounts with a debit or credit card that is backed up by a bank. PayPal checks account-linked credit numbers regularly. You will be asked to link another credit card or debit card once your VCC expires. Your account could be suspended if PayPal discovers the loophole in your VCC. If your account is suspended, you cannot re-register with the same credentials until an appeal is filed. If you are suspected of using a VCC, almost 80% of PayPal Checkout pages will ask you to enter your credit card details again. You’ll be shocked to learn that your card number and CVV have stopped working after you input the credit card details.

VCC users can withdraw money from their bank accounts even though they are at risk of having their account probed.

You’ll soon realize how ineffective a VCC is and how difficult it becomes to use within a few weeks. As thoughtful advice, I recommend you get a debit card. Some financial institutions offer lifetime access for $10 per year, and there is no minimum balance. The system will charge your linked debit card account directly for any PayPal purchases if your PayPal balance is not sufficient. Debit cards are safer than PayPal because you won’t be able to complete your PayPal purchase if there isn’t enough money in your bank account.


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