Physiotherapy for new moms

Physiotherapy for new moms

Many new changes come with being a mom. Some are well-known (such as sleep deprivation or diapers), but others are more subtle. During pregnancy, many parts of a soon-to-be mom’s body go through change: hormones shift, ligaments increase in laxity, breasts enlarge, the abdominal wall stretches, the inner core unit coordination/strength/flexibility changes.

The inner core unit is responsible for stabilizing and controlling the spine. Four muscles (diaphragm and pelvic floor), transverse abdominis and multifidus) help us to breathe, control our movement and maintain our massage therapy north york posture. This pressure management system might become out of sync due to pregnancy. Muscles are stretched and things get squished. Vaginal deliveries, which can strain the pelvic floor muscles and tissues, nerves, and a Cesarean Section, which is a major operation, will also require recovery of the inner core.

These changes can last up to one year after birth but mom’s bodies are not damaged. The body has its own healing process. These are some common postpartum conditions

Diastasis recti
Urinary leakage (incontinence)
Prolapse of the pelvic organ
Pelvic girdle, back pain
Perineal or episiotomy scarring, or Cesarean/Episotomy Scarring
Pain during intercourse
Vaginal or rectum pain

But, pain does not always have to be common. Physiotherapy can be a great option if you feel you need extra support during your recovery. You can get help from a pelvic physiotherapist.

Get relief from the discomfort of childbirth
Manage your pain
Strengthen your inner core and pelvic muscles
Return to exercise
Recognize postpartum risks


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