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Quickbooks desktop mfa
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Quickbooks desktop mfa


Go to Solution. Hi thedialoggroup ,. QuickBooks Online has a Two-step verification setting that forces Multi-Factor Authentication to a specific step on every log-in attempt. View solution in original post. The Security tab isn’t located in QuickBooks Online, but rather in the Intuit Account Management portal linked in my colleague’s response above. Follow the link and those instructions above if you’d like to set up Multi-factor Authentication.

Please keep in touch with me here should you have any additional questions or concerns, I’m always up to talk QuickBooks. Thanks for coming to the Community, best wishes. I have tw-step authentication disabled when I go to the account management portal, yet every time I log in, I get this prompt:. Thank you for posting here in the Community. It would be my pleasure to assist you with your concern about the prompt message when logging into your QuickBooks account.

I’ve checked here, and we currently have an ongoing issue with the two-step verification status. Since you’ve already tried to disable it through the account management portal, I recommend performing some basic troubleshooting. You can try switching to a different supported browser to determine if the problem is system or browser related.

If you’re still getting the prompt, I recommend contacting our Support Specialists this time. One of them will be able to add you to the investigation number INV Once you’re on the list of affected users, you’ll be able to receive updates via Email regarding the status.

Please keep in touch with me here for all of your QuickBooks questions, such as the multi-factor authentication. The Community is always up to lend a hand. I want this option to be turned OFF. Welcome to the QuickBooks Community, kimberlee. I will be delighted to assist you. Here is a workaround you can do to remove this prompt:. If the issue still persists, I encourage you to call our Support Team. They have to tools to investigate the matter more in-depth.

Follow these instructions to connect with us:. Please let me know how it goes. If you need additional assistance, do not hesitate to comment below.

My team and I will be here to help! Take care for now. Hi, can you also allow an option to use an authenticator like Microsoft authenticator rather than emailed or texted one time passwords?

I understand that you want to integrate QuickBooks Online into third-party software. You’ll want to reach out to Microsoft Authenticator’s support or to other authenticators you’ll want to use so they can assist on how to set it up. If you want to look for more compatible third-party apps, visit the QuickBooks App Store. Authenticators like Google and Microsoft’s are very mainstream now. May I please suggest that you include an option to allow an authenticator rather than relying only on One Time Passwords?

Your feedback are ways on how we can improve the system more. For any updates and new features within QuickBooks, you can check our blog. The Community Help articles are also available that list all topics about QuickBooks that you might have questions about. Take care and stay safe!

I have 2FA turned on for my intuit account, but am never able to successfully login via my Google account or the integrated QuickBooks for Google Workspace add-on. I get stuck in an authentication loop on the Intuit sites when trying to do this.

I’m here to ensure that this two-step verification issue gets sorted out so you can log in to your account successfully. Yes, the two-step verification will work when using your Google login. You’ll be able to sign in to your QuickBooks Online through your Google account once it has been integrated. Make sure that the two-step verification with Google Authenticator was turned on. Know that you have to use the Authenticator app to create your verification codes.

Google Authenticator isn’t available for Windows phones. However, if you’re using the Authenticator and the problem continues.

I recommend contacting our Customer Care Team. They have the necessary tools that can help identify the root cause of this issue.

Lastly, you can always read through this link, which contains details on how the two-step verification feature work in QBO: Learn how to set up or disable two-step verification for your Intuit account. Thank you. I do not see an option to enable an authenticator. Perhaps it only works if you use an google email address?

I need to use my work email address for quickbooks which is not part of the google world or gsuite. Thank you,. I can provide some clarification about the authenticator app. You can use any email address to set up a Google Authenticator with your QuickBooks account. First, you’ll need to generate a new QR code which you can use in the app. For the option to be visible, please make sure to disable the Two-step verification.

The Turn on Authenticator app option should show after turning off the previous security verification. If the option is still unavailable, I recommend you proceed with contacting our QuickBooks Support Team. They’ll be able to assist you further with this feature.

You can reach them through these steps:. For additional reference, I’ve attached a link you can use to learn about the QuickBooks multi-factor authentication: Verify your account with multi-factor authentication.

Drop me a comment below if you have any other questions regarding your account. I’ll be happy to help you some more. Thank you so much. I have enabled my google authenticator on my handphone. I’m really sorry but I can’t see any options relating to the authenticator on the intuit site. Please see attached, which offers me a choice of text messages or voice calls. Good to see you again. First, sign in to accounts.

Based on your screenshot, your Two-step verification is turned off so we have to turn it on. Select either Text message or Voice call , tap Turn On and enter your password. Once done, it should look like this:. Click the green ON button and you’ll be routed to the Two-step verification window again. This time, there’ll be a Turn on Authenticator app button. Click it, choose your type of phone, tap Continue , and you’ll see the QR Code that you need to scan using the Google Authenticator app or manually enter the setup key.

Then, the app will give you a six-digit code labeled “Intuit” that you need to enter in the box provided. Note that you’ll need to use the most updated code since the app refreshes every 30 seconds. Once everything is good, click Verify and save. If you successfully linked the Google Authenticator, this is how it looks like:.

Still can’t find the Turn on Authenticator app button? Please perform these steps:. By clicking “Continue”, you will leave the community and be taken to that site instead. Enter a search word. Turn off suggestions. Enter a user name or rank. Turn on suggestions. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Connect with and learn from others in the QuickBooks Community.

Join now. I cannot find the security settings in QuickbBooks Online to register a new device. Level 1. How do I setup multi-factor authentication?


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It can sometimes take a few moments for the code to arrive in your email box. Please wait several minutes. It is important that you use the most recent confirmation code in the Check your email window. This may take several minutes. Use the most recent code sent to you.

NOTE: some email platforms append emails from the same sender, so your latest code may display as a response or reply to one of the earlier codes. When you log in to change your email address, the confirmation code will be sent to the email address currently associated with your account. If you have access to that email address, please use the confirmation code to sign in, then you can change your email address and any future log in confirmations will be sent to your new email address.

We will send an email to your old email address to notify you of the change to your email address and all future notifications about changes to your Intuit account, confirmation codes, or account recovery emails will be sent to your new email address. Changing your email address does not change your User ID. We recommend you change your User ID if it is the same as your email address. QuickBooks Services: e. Payroll, Time, and Payments. Collaboration: ability to access and review client files, with client permission via Accountant platform Note: only available for Accountants.

Remote access to Bill. Everything included with Core with select apps connection to manage billing, expenses, and more. Remote access to a collection of billing apps including Bill. QuickBooks Integrations: e. Note: Microsoft Office subscription and all apps are sold separately. Thank you for following along as I shared the enhancements and new features for QuickBooks Desktop As always, the Ability Team is here to provide consultation to assist in selecting the right QuickBooks products for your business.

Email us at sales abilitybusiness. All the best, Lisa. News , QuickBooks Software. October 20, QuickBooks Desktop Released this Fall Technology and software are ever changing just like the seasons and this year is no different. Enhanced Computing Power bit QuickBooks now has enhanced computing power with bit bringing this financial accounting software up to modern operating system standards. Account Help Right Networks Direct. Choose a general reason — Choose a general reason Number of Views 2.

Number of Views 1. Number of Views Live chat: Chat Now. You receive an automated voice verification code in English. Select Turn on. Enter the code, then select Continue. Follow the steps below to disable two-step verification. Select 2-step verification. Turn off the Use 2-step verification switch. Enter your account password, then select Continue. To do this: Complete the Email Change Request form.

Note : Make sure to enter your new phone number in the Recovery Number field. Attach a copy of any of your photo ID forms: Select Browse.


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