The Acrylic Mirror Sheet is a Shatter-Proof Solution for Your Indoor and Outdoor Needs

The Acrylic Mirror Sheet is a Shatter-Proof Solution for Your Indoor and Outdoor Needs


Acrylic mirror sheets are a strong material that has a reflective surface. They are protected with high-quality acrylic polymer paints and finished with a top coat of polyurethane. These mirrors are brighter than plate glass mirrors and have sharper images. This material was created using state-of the-art precision acrylic mirrors sheets

laser technology. It is intended for interior fittings, store design and visual merchandising. These materials can be used in a variety of industries, including the food service sector.

This type of mirror has one of the most outstanding characteristics: it is 100 times stronger, lighter, and safer than glass. The acrylic mirror measures 48 inches wide, 96 inches long and 1/8 inch thick. It is heavier than the regular plate glass one. The mirror is also fragile and easily breaks if it is not properly handled.

A sheet of acrylic the same size can be easily transported by one person as opposed to regular plate glass that requires two or more people to carry and handle it. It is also more affordable than glass sheets.

Acrylic mirror sheets are preferred over regular plate glass mirrors by many industries because they are shatter-proof. It can be used where safety requirements call for a lightweight material that is shatter-resistant. This sheeting material can be used where glass mirrors could pose a danger if they are impacted. These mirrors are 17 times stronger than ordinary glass with the same thickness. These mirrors can also be used in areas such as boats, caravans, and other objects where vibration and flexure may suddenly occur.

This mirror sheet is as durable as regular acrylic. They are also resistant to most chemicals and weather, making them suitable for outdoor use. It also has the look of real glass making it ideal for interior fittings, visual merchandise, and other store design applications.

An acrylic mirror sheet is easy to cut to any size. It can also be machined, drilled and embossed to make any shape you want. This acrylic sheet is strong and versatile.


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