The Big Secret to Great Dance Eyes

The Big Secret to Great Dance Eyes



Do you need huge, excellent, expressive eyes? While putting on cosmetics for dance, or some other live presentation, your feeling is communicated through your eyes. Allow your sparkling presentation to sparkle much more splendid with all around applied dance cosmetics!


While putting on cosmetics for dance exhibitions, artists should wear liner, bogus eyelashes and mascara.


In the first place, how about we center around EYELINER!


  • Apply your eye shadows first in the example you love


  • Upper lash line: Black fluid liner (waterproof)


  • Inside lower lash line: White Highlighter pencil


  • Lower lash line: Use a dull earthy colored mineral eye shadow tone as a liner


  • You can do a minuscule “wing” on the upper lash line with your fluid liner. This is to demonstrate the “last eyelash” – however close to a fourth of an inch or something like that.


  • Avoid making long stripes with your eye liner that go right to the sanctuaries. Try rust-resistant tweezers not to associate the lower lash line to the upper lash line, leave a space between them (no “fishtails”, please) and utilize white highlighter pencil in the middle. This will make the eyes look greater, more brilliant and more open.


  • When putting on cosmetics for dance, DON’T utilize dark fluid eyeliner under the eyes! To an extreme and excessively untidy! On the off chance that you should, utilize an eye pencil.


  • Also, don’t utilize dark liner within lower cover of the eye – it will make the eyes look little in front of an audience.


Then, apply the FALSE LASHES!


  • If bogus eye lashes aren’t as of now part of your routine since you think that they are hard to apply or awkward to wear, don’t abandon them! Do utilize them, as they improve the state of your eyes in front of an audience and are an indispensable piece of cosmetics for dance. It simply takes practice!


  • Dancers wear bogus lashes on the grounds that dramatic we are continually attempting to make the eyes look greater. We need to normally improve the current lash line with bogus lashes since they give the eyes a beautiful almond-y shape. Extraordinary bogus lashes, appropriately measured and additionally managed, and appropriately applied do exactly that. This kind of look is ideal for dance cosmetics, but at the same time is handily altered for other dramatic events, remembering representing film and surprisingly a glitzy search for an extraordinary night out.


  • Avoid lashes that are too thick in the focal point of the band. They make the eyes look weighty and languid or even shut when you are moving in front of an audience! You need the lashes to begin more limited in the middle and get longer as they go to the external corner of the eye. Half or “demi” lashes are incredible in light of the fact that they are not difficult to apply, don’t should be managed, look staggering, and can scarcely be felt on the eyes.


Time for the MASCARA!


  • YES, you need mascara regardless of whether you have bogus lashes on – two coats! This will tie the bogus lashes to the genuine lashes and eliminate the pieces of powdered eye shadow that have fallen on the eyelashes.


  • Make sure your lashes are secure first! Let them be to dry prior to going onto the following stage of your dance cosmetics.


  • I prescribe water-safe mascara rather than waterproof mascara since it is gentler on the delicate eye region and can likewise be effectively reapplied. Most waterproof mascaras are very clumpy and feel like paste on the lashes. Waterproof mascara is likewise clumpy on bogus lashes and can gather loads of “gunk” on them – your lashes will not keep going as long.

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